Officer Andrew Fonseca


In 1987 my parents moved us to Vacaville. Having grown up as a part of the community, I observed the professionalism exhibited by the police department and the support they receive from the residents. Because of my love for this community and drive to be a police officer I applied in 2007. However, I was hired by an agency in the Bay Area. In 2019, the time was right and I was able to make the move to the Vacaville police department. While I would not take away the experience gained at my previous agency, I have never felt more at home here in Vacaville. I was warmly received and have enjoyed every moment of employment since.

Officer James Sousa


I’ve been a Police Officer for almost 15 years. It’s difficult to put into words how much I genuinely enjoy working for Vacaville PD. The immeasurable amount of support I receive from the administration, my colleagues and the great citizens of this city is remarkable, and is a breath of fresh air. I strongly encourage my fellow lateral Police Officers to seriously consider making the move here. The supportive and encouraging culture at Vacaville PD has made it easy for me to love police work again. It is truly a great agency and I am grateful to be part of the team.

Officer Eric Gopar


I desired to be a Vacaville Police Officer because I wanted the support from my department, city administration, and untimely the citizens of Vacaville. Since I was hired, all of these entities have exceeded my expectations. I have the support I was looking for to fully serve the community I value.

Officer Megan King


I, unlike a lot of police officers, did not always know I wanted to be a police officer. I did not grow up with any police officers in my family and it wasn’t a childhood dream. I did however, grow up in Vacaville and I loved my city. I knew I wanted to do something to serve in my city and give back to the community. In 2016, I was hired as a Community Service Officer by the Vacaville Police Department and I immediately fell in love with the department.

The officers who work for VVPD are highly invested in this city; many of them grew up in it and are raising their children in it. The administration takes great care of their employees and go above and beyond to help them succeed. I experienced this first hand when I started to develop a desire to be a sworn police officer and I received immediate support and encouragement from command staff. I was sponsored and sent to the academy and I look forward to spending my career giving back not only to the department but to this awesome city we’re lucky to serve.

Officer Joel Lara


I chose Vacaville because I wanted to work in a department that had high community support, good supportive administration and a place that understood the importance of family life and a good work life balance. I also wanted to work in a department where I could work my own investigations and have the opportunity to take my cases and work them as I see fit. I also wanted to work in a place that would support me. I also wanted a department that is very safety oriented and prioritizes good training. I absolutely could not be happier with my choice and am constantly blown away by the community’s support, as well as the support of all my peers and the administration.

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