Integrity in Our Actions

  • We show respect for ourselves, our organization, and our community by always acting in a manner above reproach both in public and with each other.
  • Our actions match our words and we hold each other and ourselves accountable to our core values.

Service to the Community

  • We understand the support we receive from the community is not to be taken for granted and is earned through professionalism and honesty in the safety and service we provide.
  • We take ownership of problems brought to our attention and strive to solve them with all available resources.

Ethical Conduct and Decision Making

  • Public trust is earned through strict adherence to the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics.
  • We make decisions consistent with our values and in the best interest of our organization and the community.

Respect for Human Dignity

  • As members of the Vacaville Police Department, we treat each other and everyone we contact with decency and respect.
  • While maintaining personal safety, we remember that we often meet individuals on their worst days and strive to preserve their dignity.
Do your Core Values align with ours?